About Us

image_1Founder Barb Vagg inherited her love of birds from her grandfather while she was still a small child. He would sit with her for hours at the kitchen table, bird book in hand, and together they would identify all the birds that came to the yard.

Years later, Barb worked for a pet store, where the birds and reptiles received very little veterinary care. Unable to watch the sick ones suffer, she would adopt them, just so she could take them to her vet. Once she had them feeling better she would adopt them out to responsible owners. From here, her dream to open a bird rescue began to flourish.

In 1980 she used the spare space in her home to continue to rescue those companions at the store, but she also opened her doors to the community. Any bird or reptile that needed her care was welcomed, without question. When her grandfather passed away and Barb made the decision to do the one thing she had always wanted to do.As a memorial to him, Second Chance Bird & Reptile Rescue opened its doors to the public in October of 2006.

All our residents receive regular vet care, and a diet consisting of a variety of dry mixes and plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables.

Support Second Chance Bird & Reptile Rescue:

Those wishing to support Second Chance Bird & Reptile Rescue can do so via numerous means.  We accept monetary contributions, as well as toys and bird & reptile food.  Please view the Donate page for more information.  You can also adopt birds and reptiles from SCBR.  Those unable to adopt a bird / reptile can sponsor one of the birds or reptiles in the rescue.  Last, but not least, Second Chance Bird & Reptile Rescue could use your help within the rescue.  Those desiring to help first hand can complete the Volunteer Application and follow the instructions contained within.  You will receive a response within 5-7 days.

Volunteer duties:

  • Treat this as a job and show up when scheduled
  • Help clean - that includes cleaning dirty cages, perches, and changing water.
  • Use proper care of the birds and learn to handle them all

Board Members

Things to consider

  • Adoption provides a companion a second chance
  • Birds/Reptiles require regular veterinary care
  • Birds thrive on attention, and will do anything to get yours
  • Reptiles require proper enclosures ,and proper heat source
  • Not all parrots talk! While many may eventually learn to mimic or talk, it is not certain yours will
  • Reptiles can live a long time and grow to very large sizes be prepared for this ,when choosing a reptile
  • A parrot can live for 50 years and beyond; a pet that will require care for many years to come

Our Mission

Located in Rochester, New York, Second Chance Bird And Reptile Rescue Inc. is a not for profit bird rescue:

We do not breed, buy, or sell companions!  Our primary goal is to provide a second chance for companion parrots and reptiles. 

We will work to rehabilitate birds and reptiles who have behavior issues.  We feel that all companion family members deserve a second chance to find a home and a loving family to join. Each home is carefully screened, and investigated in person, to help assure that each placement is as smooth and well suited as possible. 

No companion is adopted to a person it shows an obvious dislike for, and no person is allowed to adopt a companion before completing placement visits and screening in order to ensure each companion is placed in the right home.

We strive to provide the local community with educational programs that enlighten community members about the various companions and the commitment required to care for them. 

We also strive to provide routine field trips that will further enrich the educational awareness and potentially improve relations between the community and Second Chance Bird And Reptile Rescue.