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Who We Are:


Barb Vagg inherited her love of birds from her grandfather while she was still a small child. He would sit with her for hours at the kitchen table, bird book in hand, and together they would identify all the birds that came to the yard.

Years later, Barb worked for a pet store, where the birds received very little veterinary care. Unable to watch the sick ones suffer, she would adopt them, just so she could take them to her vet. Once she had them feeling better she would adopt them out to responsible owners. From here, her dream to open a bird rescue began to flourish.

In 1980 she used the spare space in her home to continue to rescue those birds at the store, but she also opened her doors to the community. Any bird that needed her care was welcomed, without question. When her grandfather passed away and Barb made the decision to do the one thing she had always wanted to do.As a memorial to him, Second Chance Bird Rescue opened its doors to the public in October of 2006.

Board Members :

President - Barb Vagg    585-370-7157

Vice President -Kim  585-368-9282 

Secretary - Kristina

Treasurer - Chris

Director of Fund Raising - Jose

Head of Adoptions - Christine

All our residents receive regular vet care, and a diet consisting of a variety of dry mixes and plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables.

Support Second Chance Bird Rescue:

Those wishing to support Second Chance Bird Rescue can do so via numerous means.  We accept monetary contributions, as well as toys and bird food.  Please view the Donate page for more information.  You can also adopt a bird from SCBR.  Those unable to adopt a bird can sponsor one of the birds in the rescue.  Last, but not least, Second Chance Bird Rescue could use your help within the rescue.  Those desiring to help first hand can complete the Volunteer Application and follow the instructions contained within.  You will receive a response within 5-7 days.

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