Please watch this video before considering adoption

If you are interested in adopting a bird or reptile from Second Chance Bird Rescue, please read the information below. Then, find a companion that you'd like to adopt and complete the pdf application for the bird/reptile that you would like to adopt (applications listed below). Finally, send the application as an attachment to us via email.



  • Adoption fees and donations are NON-REFUNDABLE.
  • If you adopt a bird or reptile  and find you can no longer keep it, it MUST be returned to the rescue!

If you can't commit to an adoption, consider supporting one of the many companions  at Second Chance Bird Rescue who may never be permanently re-homed due to medical or behavioral issues. By sponsoring one of these companions you are single-handedly providing support for his or her independent care.  Download our sponsorship application for the details of sponsoring a companion of Second Chance Bird And Reptile Rescue, Inc.

Why Adopt?

  • There are many sweet and talented birds who need a loving home - previous owners didn't recognize what they had.  Provide a loving bird a second chance
  • Every year thousands of companions  are being surrendered, yet more  are being born in breeding programs

Who Can Adopt?

We prefer to adopt  to families in the local area.  However, we do make exceptions on out of state adoptions, but we do not ship .  You must be able to visit the companion  you are interested in adopting to ensure the companion is a good fit before we will complete the adoption.

Things to consider before adoption

  • Adoption provides a companion a second chance
  • Birds and Reptiles  require regular  veterinary care
  • Birds thrive on attention, and will do anything to get yours
  • Not all parrots talk!  While many may eventually learn to mimic or talk, it is not certain yours will
  • A parrot can live for 50 years and beyond; a pet that will require care for many years to come
  • Birds are messy and can be very noisy
  • will you be able to provide the proper size enclosure ,heat,food ,that a Reptile requires