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Updated 04/22/2014

KARA ADOPTED 4/10/2014




















 Pig & Fry


 Rocky Has been Adopted!!!! 

Congratulations to Aaron and Family, they have given Cherokee and Spirit their new forever home!





Male Umbrella Cockatoo


Adopted May 2012 



 Male Umbrella Cockatoo 

Adopted May 2012


Adopted April 2012


Congratulation Lloyd

Adopted April 2012


Species: Green Cheek Conure 

 Peaches                      Flower



Congratulation Michael and Christine

Adopted May 2012


Congratulation Maybeth




Congratulation Judy


Congratulation Cali



Congratulation Crystal 

Heckyl and Jeckyl



Congratulation April

 Conure 1: "Sunny"                 Conure 2: "Tyler"

                          Congratulation April



Congratulation Deanna


Congratulation Deanna


  Congratulations Ivette



Congratulation Christina

 Ace and Brandy 

 Congratulation Maybeth


 Miss Ellie 

 Congratulation Susanna 


 Doc and Grumpy

Congratulation Leslie


Congratulation Audrey


Congratulation Chris & Annmarie


Congratulation Jose


Congratulation Ashley

Marlin & Raven

Congratulations Ashley


Congratulation Heather


Congratulation Bridget


Congratulation Bridget

Kiwi, Kelly, Chewy, Sunshine and Sunny

Congratulation Barb & Gary


Congratulation Collins Family


Congratulation Martha!


Congratulation Jose!


Congratulation Kathy & Bob

Captain & Morgan





Oliver & Ottis

Max & Maggie






Mr. Red



Fred & Ethel



Congratulation Dan & Sarah!


Congratulation Dave!


Congratulation Kris!


Congratulation Brenda!


Congratulation JoAnne!


Congratulation Jane!


Congratulation Sharon!


Congratulation Karen!


Congratulation John!


Congratulation Jeanne!

"Oliver & Kiwi"

Congratulation Linda


Congratulation John!


Congratulation Linda!


Congratulation Rauncie & Wayne!


Congratulation Jeanne!


Congratulation Anne!


Congratulation Anne!



Congratulation Anne!


Congratulation Anne!


Congratulation Mary Ann!

"Morgan & Dexter"

Congratulation Mary Ann!


Congratulation Doug & Peggy!


Congratulation Peggy & Doug!


Congratulation Dale!


Congratulation Cheryl & Mike!

"Tic and Tock"

Congratulation Wayne & Raunice!

"Sunshine" - Gold Cap, "Captain Jack" - Black Cap

Congratulation Wayne & Raunice!


Congratulation Kristina


Congratulation Kasey!


Congratulation Ed!

"Grey Grey"

Congratulation Sondra!

"Little Girl"

Congratulation Jose!


Congratulation Derrek!


Congratulation Jeanne!


Congratulation Jeanne!


Congratulation Shirley!


Congratulation Karen!

"Sybil & Griffin"

Congratulation Jennifer!


Congratulation Mary Ann!


Congratulation Derek!


Congratulation Catherine!


Congratulation  Anne!

"M & M"

Congratulation Janice!



Congratulation Pam!


Congratulation Clarence!


Congratulation Linda!


Congratulation Jason!


Congratulation Billy!

"Puffer & Maggie"

Congratulation Sharon!


Congratulation Becky!

- has a bad eye

Congratulation Jan!


Congratulation Carol!


Congratulation Bc Zoie!


Congratulation Joe!


Congratulation Maria!


Congratulation Gretchen!


Congratulations Cheryl!


Congratulations Tom and Julie!


"Maggie & Molly"

Congratulations Jose!


Congratulations Jane!



Congratulations Kevin and Family!


Congratulations Mac!


Congratulations Richard!



Congratulations to Karen and Joe!










Congratulations Kristy!



Congratulations Janet!

Society Finches

Congratulations Bev!


Gouldian Finches

Congratulations Bev!

"Frost" and "Storm"

Congratulations Juliet!



We are happy to report that Kellie has been adopted!


Congratulations Marsha!



We are happy to report that this beautiful boy has been adopted!


We are very happy to report that Billy has been adopted!



Congratulations to James!



Congratulations James!



Congratulations Kristen!





Congratulations to Nancy!


Congratulations Kim and Rob!



Congratulations Kim and Rob!


Congratulations to Kristina!



Congratulations Janet and Doc!


Congratulations to Kristin!


Cletus_and_Trixie_100_2414 (Medium).jpg (105175 bytes) Cletus and Trixie, Lovebirds, ages and sex unknown. May 08
Sunflower_100_2385 (Medium).jpg (58368 bytes) Sunflower is a yellow Lovebird of unknown age and sex. May 08
100_0933 (Medium).jpg (60951 bytes) Here we have a pair of Lovebirds, ages unknown. May 08
100_0938 (Medium).jpg (87619 bytes) Here we have a another pair of Lovebirds, ages unknown. May 08
000_1075 (Medium).jpg (88072 bytes) Here we have Mork and Mindy (sex unknown), two yellow lovebirds, approximately 1 year of age.  May 08
1 Georgia is a 9 year old peach face lovebird, she is waiting for you. May 08
Peanut.gif (36877 bytes) This is Peanut (Grey) Coackatiel, adopted by Jane Apr 08
sunny_cher Sunny and Cher are a bonded pair of peach face lovebirds of unknown age, adopted by Jennifer Apr 08

Species: Ferrets
Sex: Male & Female
Age: 2 years
Notes: These sweet, playful babies are looking for a new home with no birds or small animals (hamsters, rabbits, etc). They do enjoy playing with dogs and cats.
Neutered/Spayed & descented.

Feb 08
African Grey Maverik has been adopted by Nancy Sep 07
Doc is a male Timneh African Grey of unknown age. He comes from a breeder situation and needs work. He has been adopted by Janet. Sep 07

Eddy is a 6 year old dusky conure. He has been adopted by Kristin. Sep 07
Sydney is a male Umbrella Cockatoo 8 years of age. He has been adopted by Kim and Rob together with Kara. Sep 07

Kara, a 14-year old female Umbrella Cockatoo , has been adopted by Kim and Rob

Sep 07
Kiki, a 2-3 year old sun conure, has been adopted by Karen and Joe Sep 07
This lucky tiel has been adopted by Chad. Aug 07
Keiko is a 7 year old lutino cockatiel. He has been adopted by Deane. Aug 07
Grumpy is a male Timneh Grey of unknown age.  He was adopted by Diane. Aug 07
This 3 year old sun conure has been adopted by Jeanne. July 07
Charlie is a 5 year old grey cockatiel. He has been adopted by Maryann. July 07
Lemon is a yellow peach face lovebird of unknown age. She has been adopted by Helen. July 07
Rain_and_Shadow_100_1928 (Medium).jpg (71123 bytes) Cockatiel Rain, 6 years of age and the mother of Shadow, 2 years of age. Adopted together. June 07
Kira_100_2206 (Medium).jpg (48932 bytes) Kira is a male Umbrella Cockatoo, 14 years old. He was adopted by Roger. June 07
Beep_100_2216 (Medium).jpg (78292 bytes) Beep, 7 year old male Cockatiel. June 07
Jack_100_2246 (Medium).jpg (50942 bytes) Jake is a 6 year old male Umbrella Cockatoo. He was adopted by Gretchen and Welton June 07
Tiki_and_Strahar_100_2419 (Medium).jpg (83776 bytes) Tiki and Strahar, Parakeets, both females.  Ages unknown. June 07
Sarah_100_2489 (Medium).jpg (69617 bytes) Sarah is a female Parakeet of unknown age. June 07
100_1798 (Medium).jpg (74517 bytes) Whitey, Lutino Cockatiel, 2 years of age, sex unknown. June 07
Cleopatra_100_1926 (Medium).jpg (66714 bytes) Cleopatra, female Parakeet, 5 years of age June 07
Comet_100_1797 (Medium).jpg (79654 bytes) Comet, female Lovebird, 2 to 3 years of age. June 07
100_1803 (Medium).jpg (91278 bytes) Female Cinnamon Cockatiel, 2-3 years of age. June 07
Kiwi_100_1810 (Medium).jpg (45050 bytes) Kiwi, Lovebird.  Sex and age unknown. June 07
100_1305 (Medium).jpg (89410 bytes) 4 adorable lovebirds, adopted together. June 07
100_1334 (Medium).jpg (92084 bytes) Lewis, a Cockatiel, age unknown. June 07
100_1318 (Medium).jpg (92523 bytes) 4 Cockatiels, ages and sex unknown. June 07
100_0934 (Medium).jpg (91586 bytes) 5 Lovebirds, ages unknown. June 07
100_0653 - Peaches (Medium).jpg (115285 bytes) Female Dutch blue pied lovebird name peaches June 07
Scooter_100_2373 (Large).jpg (86950 bytes) Scooter, a Pied Peachface Loverbird of unknown age, has been adopted by Kristine May 07
Jill_100_2242 (Medium).jpg (77084 bytes) Jill, a female Lovebird of unknown age, has been adopted by Kristine May 07
Polly_100_2244 (Medium).jpg (72080 bytes) Polly, female Quaker of unknown age, has been adopted by Gail. April 07
Lemon Drop.jpg (16502 bytes) Lemon Drop has been adopted. April 07
000_1092 (Small).jpg (55603 bytes) Pickles has been adopted. April 07
000_1090 (Small).jpg (79972 bytes) Two parakeets age 1 year Blues and Betsy have been adopted. April 07
Pepper_100_0179 (Medium).jpg (65352 bytes) Pepper, 5 year old male Parakeet, has been adopted. April 07
Sierra and Dakota.jpg (21537 bytes) Sierra and Dakota have been adopted. April 07
100_1311 (Medium).jpg (111600 bytes) 4 Finches, ages unknown, have been adopted by Beverly. April 07
Argus_100_2247 (Medium).jpg (55249 bytes) Argus is a 3 year old Goffin Cockatoo, has been adopted by Al. April 07
Alula_100_2248 (Medium).jpg (84373 bytes) Alula, 4 year old female Blue Front Amazon, has been adopted by Al. April 07
Cookie_100_1956 (Large).jpg (99211 bytes) Cookie, a 12-year old female Indian Ringneck, has been adopted by Karynne. March 07
Perota_100_1934 (Medium).jpg (87608 bytes) Perota has been adopted by Austin March 07
100_1683 (Medium).jpg (96278 bytes) Female Lovebird, 2 years of age has been adopted by Richard and Diane. March 07
Chipper_100_1927 (Medium).jpg (90004 bytes) Chipper, a female Cockatiel, has been adopted by Carol. Feb 07
Timmy_100_1808 (Medium).jpg (52844 bytes) Timmy, 4 year old Jenday Conure, has been adopted by Darcy.   Feb 07
100_1802 (Medium).jpg (66923 bytes) Male Pied Cockatiel, 2 years of age, adopted by Debbie Feb 07
100_1816 (Medium).jpg (63802 bytes) Lovebird, adopted by Janet. Feb 07
100_0317 Noah (Medium).jpg (88626 bytes) Noah has been adopted by Jeanne and John. Feb 07
100_1699 (Medium).jpg (78759 bytes) Parakeets adopted Feb 07
Eagan_100_0920 (Medium).jpg (85524 bytes) Eagan, a 6 year old Indian Ringneck, has been adopted by Sandra. Feb 07
100_1386_Quaker (Medium).jpg (73997 bytes) Jasper, a male Quaker between 3 and 4 years of age was adopted by Sandra. Feb 07
Tweetie_100_1778 (Large).jpg (119999 bytes) Tweetie was adopted by Bethany. Feb 07
Master_P_100_1774 (Large).jpg (76928 bytes) Master P, shown here with Alan, has been adopted by Al. Feb 07
100_0080 - Sabastian (Medium).jpg (102414 bytes) Sabastian, male Severe Macaw 10 years of age, has been adopted by Mark. Dec 06
rubin.JPG (199565 bytes) Rubin, a 15 year old male Green Wing Macaw has been adopted by Jeanne and John Nov 06
Angelo_100_0985 (Medium).jpg (101321 bytes) Angelo, a male Nenday Conure, has been adopted by Rosa. Nov 06
Papaya_100_1098 (Medium).jpg (113690 bytes) Papaya, a 4 year old Gold-Capped Conure, has been adopted by Drew. Nov 06
Lovers_100_1076 (Medium).jpg (88748 bytes) Lovers, a Senegal, has been adopted by Sandy Nov 06
Ziggy_100_0965 (Medium).jpg (84996 bytes) Ziggy, an Umbrella Cockatoo, has been adopted by Sue Nov 06
YoYo_100_1247 (Medium).jpg (55101 bytes) YoYo the Caique has been adopted by Kathy Nov 06
Tiels_100_1256 (Medium).jpg (89603 bytes) These two Cockatiels have been adopted by John, Ian & Amy Nov 06
Finches_100_1144 (Medium).jpg (94128 bytes) These two Finches have been adopted by John, Ian & Amy Nov 06
Sophie, a Bare-Eyed Cockatoo, has been adopted by Helen. 07 Oct 2006
Cheech_100_0923 (Medium).jpg (92966 bytes) Cheech, a 30 year old Lilac Crown Amazon, has been adopted by Helen. Oct 06
Quarkie_100_0987 (Medium).jpg (114832 bytes) Quarkie, a male Quaker approximately 3 to 4 years of age has been adopted by Trish. Oct 06
Poncho-Maggie_ponchogarth.JPG (118347 bytes)Poncho-Maggie_jacobmaggie.JPG (94217 bytes)
Poncho-Maggie_meandmaggie.JPG (87476 bytes)
Poncho and Maggie were adopted by Sarah, Jacob, and Garth. Sep 06
Sydney_th_000_0987.jpg (3953 bytes) Sydney has been adopted by Pam. Aug 06
100_0814 Braisen (Medium).jpg (80397 bytes) Braisen, a 15-year old Moluccan Cockatoo, has been adopted by Mala Aug 06
100_0651 - Randolph (Medium).jpg (71047 bytes) Randolph, a 8-year old Quaker, has been adopted by Sandra Aug 06
100_0606 - Penelope (Medium).jpg (84899 bytes) Penelope, a 2 year old very sweet Sun Conure, has been adopted by Matthew and Jessica. June 06
100_0079 - Ceisal (Medium).jpg (103909 bytes) Ceisal, male hybreed too, 12 yrs old, has been adopted by Matthew and Jessica. June 06
Max_100_0361 (Medium).jpg (67636 bytes) Max, a 24-year old Moluccan Cockatoo, has been adopted by Ashley June 06
100_0071 - Frogger (Medium).jpg (107126 bytes) Frogger, a male Senegal, 6 yrs old, has been adopted by Matthew and Jessica. June 06
100_0613 - Barney (Medium).jpg (91021 bytes) Barney- Adopted by Anita & Billy June 06
Jenday Conure.jpg (22155 bytes) This is a 5 year old Jenday Conure, gender unknown.  Needs some work; has never been handled.  He was adopted by Shane. June 06
100_0069 - Pip (Medium).jpg (97043 bytes) Pip is a female lovebird under 2 yrs of age.  She has been adopted by Charlette. June 06
Green_Bean_100_0180 (Medium).jpg (108318 bytes) Green Bean is a 6 year old female Quaker, and was adopted by Kim. June 06
000_1133 (Small).jpg (101182 bytes) Here we have 9 Budgies that have been adopted by Charlette.  We have the mom and dad, as well as 7 8-month old babies. June 06
000_1093 (Small).jpg (39616 bytes) Louie, one of the Sun Conures pictured to the left, has been adopted by Stacy and Richard June 06
000_1074 (Medium).jpg (88846 bytes) These two lovebirds, Bobo and Baker (sex unknown) are 3 years of age, and have been adopted by Dawn.  June 06
100_0309 Pebbles and BamBam (Medium).jpg (118801 bytes) Pebbles and BamBam have been adopted by Charlette June 06
100_0307 Fred and Wilma (Medium).jpg (86595 bytes) Fred and Wilma have been adopted by Charlette. June 06
000_1121 (Small).jpg (63834 bytes) Sunny and Cher have been adopted by Charlette. June 06
000_1528-RenandStempy (Medium).jpg (39793 bytes) Finches Ren and Stimpy have been adopted by Charlette. June 06
Sassy_100_0175 (Medium).jpg (109426 bytes) Sassy, a male Jenday Conure, has been adopted by Sandy. June 06
100_0326 Phoebe (Medium).jpg (95724 bytes) Phoebe, 15 year old female Senegal, has been adopted by Linda. June 06
Max_100_0176 (Medium).jpg (47233 bytes) Max is a very sweet 5 year old Umbrella Cockatoo and has been adopted by Sherry. June 06
100_0329_Higgins (Medium).jpg (84068 bytes) Higgins, Congo African Gray, has been adopted by Sondra. June 06
000_1093 (Small).jpg (39616 bytes) Huey was adopted by Stacy and Richard June 06
100_0083 - Rickie (Medium).jpg (71012 bytes) Rickie, male Timneh Grey 7 yrs old, has been adopted by Janet. June 06
Polly_100_0197 (Medium).jpg (85981 bytes) Polly is a 3 year old Quaker.  She does have some plucking issues at this time.  She has been adopted by Leslie. June 06
Zack_100_0199 (Medium).jpg (70615 bytes) Zack, Quaker, has been adopted by Heather. June 06
Spencer (Medium).jpg (109529 bytes) This is Spencer he was adopted by Marcel. Feb 06
Rascal_100_0081 (Medium).jpg (88461 bytes) Rascal, female sun conure 11 yrs old, adopted by Susie & Chris Feb 06
Cinder at his new home with Janet Cinder, male teil, adopted by Janet Feb 06
Punky_000_1637 (Medium).jpg (96665 bytes) Punky, female quaker, adopted by Linda Feb 06
000_1098 (Small).jpg (73902 bytes) This is Ziggy, a Nenday Conure.  He has been adopted by Janet. Feb 06
Black Jack.jpg (5196 bytes)
Stewie.jpg (5334 bytes)
This is Stewie and Black Jack.  They have been adopted together by Bria. Feb 06
000_1094 (Small).jpg (74445 bytes) Two Cockateils Tonnie and Timmy have been adopted by Marlene Dotzler. Jan 06
Blue and Gold Macaw This 23 year old female Blue and Gold Macaw has found her forever home. Jan 06
Lucky and Ricky - Lovebirds.jpg (13965 bytes) Lucky and Ricky (Love Birds), the Finches pictured here, as well as a White Faced Cockatiel have been adopted by Tom and William. Jan 06
Frick and Frack - Budgies.jpg (19072 bytes) Frick and Frack, 1 year old Budgies, have been adopted by Lou. Jan 06
Gonzo - Grey Male.jpg (7217 bytes)
Sabrina - Grey Female.jpg (10871 bytes)
Nugget - White faced male.jpg (10042 bytes)
Here we have Sabrina (Grey Female), Nugget (White Faced Male), and Gonzo (Grey Male), all Cockatiels adopted by Janet. Jan 06
Red Rump Parakeet.jpg (19942 bytes) This 2 year old Red Rump Parakeet special needs bird has been adopted. Jan 06
Frick and Frack.jpg (25962 bytes) Here we have another pair named Frick and Frack.  They were adopted together by Bishop Lewis. Jan 06
Shyann.gif (73893 bytes) This is Shyann.  He is a 6 year old Umbrella Cockatoo.  Shyann came to us with prolapse, which was operated on and corrected.  Shyann has found his forever home with Bonnie. Jan 06
Zena.jpg (19468 bytes) Zena, a female Peachface Lovebird 2 years of age, has been adopted by Melissa. Dec 05
Mickey and Minnie.jpg (15066 bytes) This is Mickey and Minnie.  They have been adopted by Amy. Dec 05
Indian Ringneck Parakeet.jpg (21614 bytes) This 2 year old Indian Ringneck Parakeet has been adopted. Dec 05
IMAG024.gif (13570 bytes) This Sun Conure is Sweat Pea.  He was adopted by Jason Dec 05
Poncho.jpg (22336 bytes)
MrsCheeps.jpg (4839 bytes)
Here are 2 Cockatiels, Mrs Cheeps and Pancho, adopted by Sondra. Dec 05
Kiwi - Quaker Parrot.jpg (18856 bytes) This is Kiwi, a 9 year old Quaker Parrot, gender unknown.  Kiwi has been adopted by Kim. Dec 05
01-22-2006 (Medium).jpg (128219 bytes) Here is  Lucky, a Sun Conure.  He was adopted by Max,Glyn,Drew & Stefanie Devereaux Dec 05

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