Available Birds & Reptiles

We are a rescue so every penny that we receive for our companions is spent on those that are left behind. We provide an enriched environment, proper nutrition, behavioral modification and veterinary care.

Those surrendered companions who arrive with a suitable cage, toys, and equipment are adopted out with those same items. However, in many instances companions  are surrendered without any items of care, to include a cage.  During the companions  stay at Second Chance Bird And Reptile Rescue, we will provide the necessary items to house and care for the companion. Prior to adoption, the new home must provide a suitable cage and the items necessary to care for the companion.

  • Please note, we do NOT do same day adoptions!
  • We believe that every new addition to a family deserves thorough consideration and planning. For this reason, we have a mandatory 24-hour holding period from application approval until the adoption of your new family member.
  • Remember that while some birds are quieter than others, ALL large birds are capable of making quite the noise. We recommend our larger birds enter homes that are owned, not rented.

Currently available companions are listed below.

If you are interested in adopting one of these companions from Second Chance Bird & Reptile Rescue, please read the information in our About Adoptions page. If you are still interested, please find a bird that you'd like to adopt and complete the adoption application. Finally, contact us via email or Facebook. Be sure to attach the adoption application along with your message.