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   Some people claim to be just 'dog people' or only 'cat people'.  In reality,  most people who love dogs and cats love animals in general. They want to see domesticated animals receive warm,  appreciative homes that provide for their wants and needs,  no matter what species it is.  For those who've never owned a bird,  you can start expanding your palette now.  Many domesticated birds are in abusive housing situations where they're either not properly fed or cared for.

   Birds in need aren't necessarily a huge drain on time. Larger birds in particular are often in need of capable,  loving caretakers,  as they're often left in cages by abusive owners in cages that sometimes are so small the bird can't even fully extend it's wings.  Birds can be great companions for humans,  and when raised in environments as conducive to their natural habits as possible,  they can live relatively fruitful lives.

   Many capable caretakers know that many of the birds that are in captivity shouldn't have been caught in the first place,  and don't want to get swept into contributing to this cruel burden.  However,  there is a shortage of people willing to care for these animals,  and without human intervention at this point,  these birds have no chance at survival.  When people create conditions where these animals require our intervention to survive, they typically do not adapt back to being wild creatures easily. Most can never make the adjustment.  Anyone willing to lend a hand and their home to a bird in need can help make it's life better.  We encourage only those willing to show such love and concern to adopt these animals as pets.