In Loving Memory

Second Chance Bird Rescue would like to provide you the opportunity to make a public "In Memory Of" donation of $20 or more, in memory of your lost companion.  You donation will be used to support the rescue.  In appreciation for your donation, your bird's name will be placed on one of the walls at Second Chance Bird Rescue in Rochester, New York.  Additionally, we will add a brief description of your bird, as well as a picture, provided by you, to this web page.  Please contact Second Chance Bird Rescue if you would like to take advantage of this opportunity to not only memorialize your lost loved one, but donate to a good cause at the same time.

SCBR was founded in memory of Frank Rodman, Barb's grandpa, who taught her to love and appreciate birds when she was a little girl.


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Peaches passed away peacefully 12/09 after a long fight with self mutilation, Peaches was a fighter and one of the sweetest birds, she will be missed by many. Rest in peace Peaches.

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Mama Red

At 7 am this morning (Jul 30th, 2009) Mama Red passed away quietly in my arms, The vet had determined she was in her 80's. Papa is very lost and sad right now, He sat on my knee while I held Mama, and if birds could shed tears I would say Papa was crying.


Baby was a 20 year old blue and gold macaw. She is a past breeder and a severe plucker.
She was a permanent resident of SCBR and passed due to cancer.



A generous donation has been made in memory of Bunga, owned by Jan and John.

Bunga was a wonderful birdie who will be sorely missed.

Howie, an Umbrella Cockatoo and a feathered companion, will always be remembered for his sweetness and open-heartedness.  Howie suffered from prolaps, and surgery attempted to correct the condition.  However, it was later discovered that Howie would most likely forever need repeated surgeries to treat his condition.  

On June 25, 2006, Howie passed away.  That Sunday he finally surrendered to the pain.  He will forever be remembered.  He touched many lives, and will remain a part of many hearts.  Rest In Peace Howie.


Ricky was 50 years old when he passed away, along side his love Patty.  Initially, he was estimated to be approximately 8 years of age.  However, after further investigation into his band, it was determined that he was actually 50!



Max, companion to Leslie, will be deeply missed.


Piney was a 10-year old Blue Headed Pionus. He was a permanent resident at the Sanctuary and will be missed.


Raj was an Indian Ringneck that was part of our West Coast Family. He will be greatly missed.


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