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August 16, 2013
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On the Radio (again!) - We had the pleasure of being on 98 WPXY!  We will be on air  6/14/09 in the morning. Thank you,  Scott Spezzano , for having us. We had a great time!



Avian rescuer from Gates gives fliers Second Chance

Ernst Lamothe Jr. . Staff writer . May 26, 2009 - ELAMOTHE@DemocratandChronicle.com

GATES - Barb Vagg was 7 years old when she received her first pet, Charlie, a multicolored parrot.

She would sit with Charlie for hours, playing with it at the kitchen table with her grandfather, who fostered her love of birds. Like many little girls, she bonded with her grandfather through their like interests. Together, they would look through books about birds and identify the ones that came into the yard.

As she grew older, Vagg started working for pet stores where she noticed that the birds received subpar veterinary care. They were crowded in cages and often neglected.

"It broke my heart to see so many birds suffering," said Vagg, of Gates.


Barb Vagg of Gates with Jackie, left, a scarlet macaw and Scarlet, a harlequin macaw, at Second Chance Bird Rescue. Vagg started the rehabilitation business in honor of her grandfather, who fostered her love of birds. (JAY CAPERS staff photographer)

Trying to be part of the solution instead of standing by, she felt the need to adopt bird after bird from the pet store. Any bird that needed her care was welcomed without question.

She soon had 50 birds in her home, nursing them back to health and happiness.

Once the birds felt better, she would find responsible owners to adopt them.

But eventually, her home became too small for such a venture.

"It took over my entire house and I had no more space for anything," said Vagg. "The idea kind of outgrew my home, so I had to try something else."

When her 94-year-old grandfather passed away, Vagg made a decision to honor him by starting an organization dedicated to helping birds.

She opened Second Chance Bird Rescue at 46 Sager Drive two years ago. The organization is now working to rehabilitate about 200 birds that have health and behavior issues.

"I feel that all feathered family members deserve a second chance to find a home and a loving family to join," said Vagg.

Vagg set up the strict rules for adoption, which are lengthy and thorough, to make sure the placement is good for both owner and bird.

Each potential home is screened and investigated in person. In addition, each person who adopts must volunteer in the organization for three to four sessions. She admits that some birds can be loud and destructive, sometimes having to do with hormonal changes.

That's why Vagg thinks it's important to see a solid bond between the bird and its new owners.

"It's not just about the owners because the bird has to be comfortable in its new environment, too," she said. "Quite a few people get mad at us because they just want to come in on the spur of the moment and get a large bird."

Vagg personally provides field trips to foster understanding. She also goes to local schools to educate students about birds.
Kim Bateman, vice president of Second Chance Bird Rescue, became acquainted with the organization about two years ago. She was amazed at the scope of the effort and the energy Vagg put into the cause, and she immediately wanted to be a part of it.

She said her friend has saved so many birds from living a dismal life.

"I am still just very impressed at what I see day in and day out," said Bateman, who adopted two white umbrella cockatoos.
"I start crying when I think about some of the conditions the birds arrived in.

"She cares for them so much ... I wish more people were doing that."

Jennifer Mikuta, who heard about the program through an online forum in Nevada, said Vagg is a treasure and a wonderful advocate for birds. She said many people don't know about the issue; she's happy that someone is bringing awareness to the cause.

"You hear about cats and dogs being abused and neglected, but the same kind of abuse happens to birds, and they need to be adopted by great homes, as well," Mikuta said.

"Barb is doing great work."


We're on the Radio - Friday, May 22, 2009 Barb and Kim where on channel 90.5 WBER.  It was a great time and we had a lot of fun.


Palmyra Bird Festival - Second Chance Bird Rescue participated at the Palmyra Bird Festival Saturday April 25th from 9 AM until 4 AM.

Visitors - We love to have visitors to the shelter.


10/22/2008 - Richard Stein, head of Gates Chili schools, presented us with an award tonight for participation in the business partner program in education

08/11/2007 - SCBR made a splash in the local newspaper!

07/19/2007 - SCBR is holding a garage sale next month right here at the shelter. We are currently accepting donations of used items that we can sell in order to raise funds for the birds in need. Please contact us for more information.

03/19/2007 - A sponsorship letter has been added to the Adoption page.  Those unable to adopt a parrot now have the ability to sponsor one of the remarkable birds permanently living at Second Chance Bird Rescue.  Please click here to view the details.

03/15/2007 - Second Chance Bird Rescue Inc is in need of new bird toys and food.  Recent surrendering of birds in the local area has increased and we are striving to maintain adequate toys on hand for the incoming birds.  Food supplies continue to be pressured.  Any assistance is greatly appreciated.

02/05/2007 - Second Chance Bird Rescue is excited to announce that on June 2nd and 3rd Ken Globus will be at the shelter providing demonstrations.  There will first be a demonstration which is free to the public ,then it will be followed by a workshop.  The fee for the workshop is $50 per person.  If you are interested in bringing a bird for Ken to work with the fee is $100, Budgies and teils are $75.  We only have 6 slots available each day, so reserve your slot today!  Contact me if you would like to attend.  

02/01/2007 - Second Chance Bird Rescue will be starting a bird club.  Membership fees will be $50 for the year.  Monthly meetings will be held on the second Saturday of every month from 7PM to 9PM.  Members may bring their birds, but must provide proof of recent testing or current health certificate from a certified/licensed veterinarian.  We do ask that members NOT bring aggressive birds, unless the monthly topic is about aggressive birds.  While we who deal with rescues do take in aggressive birds, we must be considerate of those who will be bringing birds who are not aggressive.  If you are interested in joining the rescue, please contact Barb at the rescue center.  The first meeting will be held on March 10, 2007.

01/27/2007 - Second Chance Bird Rescue opens the door to its permanent facility!  We are very happy to announce we have built and provided a formal facility to introduce our rescues to potential adopters.

07/20/2006 - The Second Chance Bird Rescue fundraiser yard sale will be held August 10th, 11th, and 12th.

06/08/2006 - Second Chance Bird Rescue is teaming up with the local bird community of New York and organizing a club in support of bird care.  The club will meet once a month and discuss such issues as nutrition, toys, disease, healthcare, and many other subjects that affect our birds.  If you are interested in joining and/or supporting this club, or would like more information, please contact Barb, who can be reached via email at SecondChanceBirdRescue@rochester.rr.com

06/06/2006 - Towards the end of this summer Second Chance Bird Rescue will be holding a fundraiser garage sale.  All proceeds will benefit the birds at Second Chance Bird Rescue.  If you would like to contribute items for the garage sale, please contact us for drop-off locations. 


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