Surrendering A Bird

We thank you for choosing us to surrender your bird. We know you love your bird and want it to be treated with care. We will take any exotic bird with no questions asked, BUT... We can best care for you bird if you would fill out our form  and bring all documentation you may have on your bird. (purchase paperwork, vet paper work etc..)

We also understand people can not afford vet care so we will not turn you down if you can not provide care

When surrendering a bird we ask that they come with their cage, toys, food, and whatever else they may have.  This will help in their transition.

We need to know that your bird is disease free, If you do not have vet paperwork to prove you bird is healthy, then please bring it to a vet before surrendering  to us. If you can't, we will take it for you but we ask for a donation for the vet cost.

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