I am an internet advocate and volunteer for the Second Chance Bird Rescue-Sacramento's page. I also help with the fundraising. I also have adopted 3 birds from the Second Chance Bird Rescue in Sacramento. Donna was great to meet and was very kind. She wanted to make sure that the birds and I would be a match and Thank Goodness we were. Ever since then I have been dedicated to helping these two organizations and will never stop. They love what they do and they provide the Best care to their rescues. Please consider adopting or fostering for such Awesome Rescues. Thank You!!

Christina Marrujo, 10/19/14

Hi everyone, Second Chance Bird Rescue is a respected, devoted place for unwanted, abused or misunderstood birds of all species to find a safe, reliable place to call home until they find their forever homes. It is sad to read that they have had to temporarily stop taking in birds due to lack of donations & adoptive families. Before buying a bird from a Pet Store please visit this site and look for your new friend. Second-hand birds as some call them lovingly make awesome friends, I know I have many adopted fids in my own flock.

Deb Thrift, 7/16/14

I came across Second Chance Bird Rescue while on a shopping trip at Petco in Elk Grove, California. I met the very kind rescuer Donna and her husband. They are very knowledgeable about all kinds of birds. She invited myself to a walk through of her aviary in Wilton. I enjoyed meeting Danny and interacting with him. He let me hold him and he kept bowing his head for me to pet him. Such a sweet bird.

Amy Hester, 3/16/2015

I just really needed to send something to say how wonderful you are.

I was at my office today and had a baby goose that was attacked. I had attempted to call my vet and lollipop farms. Both of whom told me they could not do anything with wildlife, that I had to call the DEC. I called the DEC but no one was available and I had to leave a message. I wasn't content sitting around when I had an animal that was so obviously injured, and dying in my arms. I googled searched bird rescue in Rochester and came across the website for second chance bird rescue. I did not even read any portion of the website explaining what you actually specialize in. I merely grabbed the phone and called the number. The woman I spoke to was absolutely wonderful. I explained how hurt the goose was and she asked where I was. She asked how to get to my office, and I gave her directions. She said give me two minutes to put my shoes on and was to my office in maybe ten minutes. By the time she had arrived, unfortunately the baby did not make it. But, looking further into what your organization actually is this is something she could have easily said they couldn't do anything about. But, instead she left her home and came right over to help. I think that it is a true testament to the person that is running/ working for, this organization that they care so much about any animal to come that quickly. I believe they are absolutely stand up people and will recommend them to anyone I know of looking for true exotic birds.

Thank you so much for you compassion.

Amy, 11/4/2015